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Cast 12

Hello everyone!

Cast comics is actually reviving itself this year with the release of the much anticipated Cast 12! Please like our official Facebook page to know more details: Facebook.com/TheCastComic

I hope you all can join us in the event of launching Cast 12!

Nautilus Comics Staff
We have some news...about more waiting. ^^;;

CAST 12 is still in the works, but other projects (like a new book and making Private Iris regular) is making the release slower than everyone wants. But rest assured that they haven't forgotten about it.

EK 8 )

Sep. 19th, 2008

Hello everyone.

I thank you kindly for your patience, but even mine is getting tested.

There is still no news about Issue 12. I am sorry.

EK 8 )

Apr. 11th, 2008


The primary reason why the final CAST issue is late, is now in print. With the combined powers of Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre (and a lead that sneers too much like Mons!), you can't go wrong.

EK 8 )
Sir Jamie discussed a comic book on Jam 88.3's Shelve It, then went on to announce one of the several reasons why Cast is taking so long.

Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre will soon be launching Private Iris, a children's comic series. By his description, Iris is the smart but shy girl detective of the series, with a sidekick who has more personality than she does! Think Mulder and Scully's dynamics for kids, or a local version of Disney's Filmore. It's bound to be smart and really cool.

This series and Cast 12 will very likely come in close succession over the coming months.

BTW Sir Jamie will make another appearance on Shelve It when it airs in the last Thursday of April, he said so. He will probably make a few announcements then.

EK 8 )

Official statement

From Sir Jamie:

Hello all!

First off, I'd like to apologize to everyone for the lack of any
updates the last few months. To be honest, the reason for the silence
was that I myself wasn't sure what to tell people. I've been really
busy with a lot of stuff and I haven't had time to work on the last
issue. But I did tell my staff that I was planning to release issue
12 around February. Obviously, that hasn't happened. I also had some
problems getting in touch with Jhomar initially the last few weeks (no
doubt he was also busy with stuff while waiting for Cast scripts), but
I've gotten in touch with him and we're furiously working on finishing
the issue. Arnold and I have been working on various stuff both
together and separately, but he's on board and is all set to finish
his half when I send him the script.

1) Cast 12 won't be out this February. Expect it most likely late
March, probably after Holy Week.

2) While I had trouble contacting Jhomar recently, both the artists
are now working on getting the issue done. But all the delays were
because of me. I hadn't finished the script.
3) Both stories are plotted. 12 pages of Jhomar's script is done and
8 have been drawn. I've given Arnold 4 pages of script and he's given
me 2 colored pages and the cover.
4) Cast 12 will be the last issue of Cast for the foreseeable future.
5) Nautilus Comics has finished its association with Mango Books (on
good terms), and have already ceased operations as of January 2008.

Thank you all for your incredible patience and support the last five
years. It's been a wonderful trip!

Again, last that I know, Arnold Arre will be doing the Will/Ces/Manny story that includes Mons and majority of the cast, while Jhomar Soriano holds scripts for the Lel/Joe/"Joy" story. I have no idea which illustrator the Elmo/Maita side story went to, and how it was weaved in.

So, a little more waiting, okay?

EK 8 )

updates, updates

Right now it's rather unlikely that CAST 12 will come out in February. This is because of two major reasons:

1. The issue itself still is not complete. Because of real-life concerns, Jhomar Soriano is hard to contact for completion of his half.

2. Nautilus Comics has separated from Mango Books, which partly means that the publishing power Sir Jamie had before to print out CAST is now gone. He has to shell out his OWN money now to print it, and, he has problems at that end. If anyone has any good ideas, email the official email address and see if you can help out.

Sir Jamie promises to release official statements in the near future, and to update the CAST website.

Also, this bit of info:

...listen in to JAM 88.3 on Feb. 28 at 8 pm. I'll most likely be
announcing there the other comic series Arnold and I are launching,
which also contributed to Cast 12's delay. We've been working on this
for over a year, but it'll be really cool! :-)

Keep posted. Eventually we'll get some good news. ^^v

EK 8 )
Mr. Jamie Bautista answers queries about a future compilation and a future movie. Under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

As for those of you who might want to make fanfics for Cast, he's cool about it, so bring it on. Although it may be wise to wait for Issue 12 first.

Finally, he's encouraging that this LJ comm stay around for whatever they may have planned. Let's all hope he gets time and opportunity to do those plans.

EK 8 )

Bad news, folks.

Let us get straight to the point.

1. The release of Issue 12 is STILL undecided, but hopefully it will not be longer than February 2008.

2. Issue 12 WILL BE THE LAST ISSUE. Not of the current arc, but of CAST itself.

Details under the cut, from a letter from Sir Jamie: Read more...Collapse )

EK 8 )

Nov. 21st, 2007

I know. It's November, and it's nearing December.

Still no word from the Nautilus people about the status of Issue 12. Just keep waiting. It will eventually come around.

EK 8 )


Appreciation for Nautilus' CAST comic series
CAST official website

Welcome to the stage.

This is a small place where readers and fans of Nautilus' CAST could discuss characters, story development, news, and other things.

Enjoy your stay.